Crunch Time

by | Dec 7, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

For lunch I had some Credit Crunch and had the same for tea.
I’m losing pounds by leaps and bounds through this economy.
It once was grand throughout the land like there was no tomorrow.
We didn’t have to beg or steal, we only had to borrow.
But now that it is payback time the cupboard’s nearly bare.
We can’t consolidate our loans; the banks don’t seem to care.
No one’s buying, no one’s selling, nothing’s being made.
No one’s lending money and no debts are being paid.
Iceland’s broke and that’s no joke; our savings there are frozen.
And who would buy from MFI when banks are all foreclosing?
I will not wait to lose my job, I might as well retire.
Is this the end? Perhaps, my friend, it’s time for the Messiah!


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