Cutting the Apron Strings

by | Mar 31, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’ve gone and cut the apron strings
It’s time to let my babies fly
They’re all grown up, have lives to live
So why does this make me cry?

Why does my heart hurt so much?
Now the apron strings have been cut
So many questions now run through my mind
So many what ifs, whys… and buts

What if something happens
And I cannot be there
Will they be able to cope?
Will they think that I don’t care?

Why, am I suddenly feeling obsolete?
Though I’m not needed anymore
I know it’s silly, stupid in fact
But I’ve never felt this way before

Why, when they spend time with their partners
Do I feel like I’m left out in the cold?
Maybe I’m jealous, No… I know it’s not that
It’s me, I’m just getting old

Why do little things seem to bother me now?
Where as before I just brushed them aside
Why do I get angry and curse myself
For letting petty things hurt my pride

Why are all these questions?
Playing games inside my mind
When I know I have all the answers
There are no more to find

I know my children love me
They’ll always need me that I know
It’s just now that I’ve cut the apron strings
I’m having difficulty letting go


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