Daddy’s Day

by | Jun 10, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s Daddy’s day my daughter said,
I made a card is Dad in bed?
We made his tea with biscuits too
And sneaked upstairs (he had no clue)

There he was fast asleep
And out the end we saw his feet
We said “Surprise it’s Daddy’s day”
He woke all sleepy and said “Hooray”!

He opened cards and presents too
We hugged and kissed (he drank his brew)
We sat up on the bed and laughed
He was so funny (I said daft)

We all went out for lunch as well
To a lovely posh and huge hotel
The food was lovely, we all had wine
We laughed so much and forgot all time

And then at night they went to bed
There he was to kiss their heads
He tucked them in and said night night
It had been perfect, he said “just right”

Then from this dream I had to wake
I lay in bed and watched day break
That day was years ago but still
I dream it yearly and always will


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