Daddy’s Gone

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I have to tell them Daddy’s gone
Their faces smiling how they shone
I looked around their room to see
The gifts they made for their Daddy

I feel the pain begin to swell
The pain of death that comes from hell
I feel the tears well up again
That pain that makes us go insane

I sit them down to let them know
their bestest Daddy had to go
I say my words and feel them shake
their hearts oh god I heard them break

Daddy’s girls have lost their glow
The saddest news they both now know
The sobbing starts and never ceases
Night after night their hearts in pieces

When they asked me why this is
I hold them tight and give each a kiss
I’m sorry darlings is all I say
I only know he’s gone away

Inside my soul I know much more
How daddy was killed in another’s war
How he hated killing other fathers
On orders from political masters

If I could punish politicians
I’d send them on the cruellest mission
To sit with children just like mine
And face an orphans question time


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