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I got the call that he would be going to Korea
My eyes filled with tears
and I had to find a way
to tell the children.

He is my best friend
and my husband
but more than that
he is a Daddy.

I told the kids,
they were all of 11, 9, 3, and 1
The older two cried
and the younger two don’t understand.

I took him to the airport on a cloudy Saturday
so he could catch his plane to fly away
Not knowing what to expect
My heart was filled with such reject.

I hugged him and kissed him
and so bad wanted to go with him,
I soon left him standing there
and thought, without him my heart is bare.

I traveled home
to find myself and my kids all alone.
My 3 year old looked and asked me
“Where is my Daddy?”
I simply said “Daddy is in the Army in Korea”
He gently replied “Daddy in Korea.”

No one knows the pain in my heart
for we have all been seperated
and are many miles apart.

I will always stand by him
for this is what he wanted to be
An artillery man for the world to see.

He is a wonderful man
Powerful and strong
I can’t wait to see him
After he has been long gone.

We pray every night
for God to take care of him,
And we know that he will come home
with a great big grin.

Daddy is in the Army
to keep us all safe.
When we see him again
We will all have a smile on our face.


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