Dad’s Army

by | Apr 8, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Armed at first with broomsticks, or handle from a pick,
with cardboard tank, and milkman’s horse, sometimes just a stick,
The Home Guard were the last resort should Germany invade,
And to the amusement of the village, each Sunday held parade.

They suffered much derision, often the butt of jokes,
But really, did they deserve it, for they were just plain folks.
Names such as Dad’s Army, fell from peoples lips,
But they were ready to stand and fight, with Hitler, come to grips.

Local Defence Volunteers were recruited from each parish,
But local wags, soon changed this tag, to the Look, Duck and Vanish.
Teacher, banker, milkman, and some old soldiers too,
Dressed in khaki misfits, they presented a motley crew.

But remember the Territorial, who also faced derision,
Who at the outbreak of the war, filled the ranks of mock divisions.
So let us take our caps off, and remember with fond regard,
And raise a loud resounding cheer, Hurrah!, for the Home Guard.


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