Dark and morbid escapes

by | Oct 26, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I sit in the fading light of a cold waning moon,
to contemplate the future of life’s bitter gloom
I dream of cold pie with sweet peaches and cream,
but soon then I realise, it’s naught but a dream

I count then the stars in the sky all very bright,
then shudder with fear of a day’s new coming light
I hear heartbreaking cries from the depth of hot Hell,
Then dark sorrowful tones as Death tolls its black bell.

I whisper my prayers from a childhood long past,
wondering how long now my bad dreams will last
I stretch out my hand to the family I so dearly love,
I then seek my solace from God’s peace loving Dove

As I fall to my knees in a semblance of Peace,
I ask of my maker, just how long is my life’s lease.
I fear for all World’s people, the good and the bad,
I foresee that the future holds nothing but sad.

As my own life nears the end, of its long dusty trails,
And over rough torrid seas, my life’s ship then sails
and soon into oblivion do my charred embers so fall
As into my God’s great heaven, I so answer his call.


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