Dark before dawn

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Autumn Came in ’39
With an infamous day in September
Peace is shattered, War’s declared
A day the whole World will remember
Chamberlain’s failed to negotiate
Terms based on Britain’s Hopes
Time alone it seems will tell
How well the Nation copes
With Ration Books & Gas Masks issued
Air Raid Shelters supplied
Dug in the garden, installed in the House
So Civilian from Luftwaffe could hide
Dornier, Heinkel & Messchersmitt too
Nightly the Enemy arrived
Thousands of bombs fell like confetti
The ‘planes engines screamed as they dived
Streets obliterated, Towns were destroyed
Their occupants killed or maimed
The Bulldog Spirit was resilient
Shaken, though not many complained
These attacks were finally thwarted
By our lads from the R.A.F.
And the reward most got for their efforts
Was an early and untimely Death
Searchlights Ac Ac Guns and Barrage Balloons
All played their part in this Fight
With Civil Defence and “Dads Army” Home Guard
An A.R.P. Warden shouts “Put out that Light”
The N.F.S. Firemen worked diligently
Each night as the City burns
Regularly joined by Salvation Army
With “buns” and “Tea” from their urns
Away from the Home Front the War carried on
On the Sea and the Desert as well
But Montgomery and the “8th Army”
Made sure, at Alamein, Germany fell
The Royal Navy played an important part
To guard each shipping lane
For, being an Island, we needed supplies,
Our War Effort to maintain
Wellingtons, Lancasters & Spitfires fly over
For hours each night it seems
To decimate Germany’s Cities and Dams
And terminate the Fuhrers’ dreams
With Britain’s hopes higher, yet another threat
Slaughter rains from the Sky
Jet propelled Rockets and “Doodlebug” bombs
And once again thousands more die
But the tide of war changed with the advent of D.Day
Amidst gloom, a glimpse of the Sun
For the Allies gigantic Normandy invasion
Soon had the oppressors on the run
The War was soon over but not without cost
For many warriors never returned
PEACE came again to EUROPE
In “Blood, sweat and tears” it was earned


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