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Come in, come in dark shadow

And show yourself to me

Let me see who’s lurking there

Beneath the garden tree

Come in, come in I beg of you

Don’t linger in the shade

Reveal yourself and let me see

Of what foul fiends are made

Come in, come in to where the light

Will shine upon your face

Don’t cower in the failing gloom

And cause my heart to race

Come in, come in oh do not stay

Where light can never shine

Don’t try to scare this doubting heart

By hanging back this time

Come in, come in I ask once more

Don’t think that I am fooled

This shaking of my arms and legs

Is caused by wind that’s cooled

Come in, come in tall shadowed shape

Oh! Now I think I see

You’re just a coat upon a rake

That leans against the tree!


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