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The pitch darkness of night
Does not cause me fright
I can walk happily in the dark
On hills, or the streets or in a park.

It is a two edged sword I would explain to you
On the streets there are dangers, one or two
I am hyper-vigilant, sneaking up on me
You will find, is not easy you see

But on the hills and mountains at night
Is a breath taking sight
With silhouettes and stars over head
Its much more fun than staying in bed

In a park with benches and swing
Creatures of the night sing
You can swing and watch the night sky
Counting the stars you can try

With your eyes adjusted to the gloom
You can see shooting stars in the sky they zoom
Satellites move at a more stately pace
But you can still track their path in space

Climbing in the night can be exciting
Only when you stop does the wind seem biting
Holds can be felt and pulled upon
All the busy crag traffic is gone


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