Darkness and Light

by | Jun 2, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

“Listen!” Cries a voice from the soul
“Observe!” Cries another
See how quickly words become enemies
When listened to in the mind
For there speaks voices from the past
Not from the now
When you are at peace
When you are in joy
This is where the true words flow
Like a river in your soul

Light cannot begat dark
Only show its darkness
Juxtaposed the darkness enhances the light
Both showing the others qualities
Both required by life to stretch it
Mould it, and test it
For without extremes we are but sameness
A mass of cells awaiting a master
Life loves a vacuum
And calls to be filled

Seek and go find
Ask and question
But remember this
You may not like the answers
So be prepared for the reply
With an open heart and mind
For the power of light wishes your best
The power of darkness your slavery
To the words that pull you down
Into the depths of seclusion

Where the answer to your call
Comes from those you have abandoned
And seeing you again
Sing praises that you have returned
Aid you in the release
Of the darkness in your soul
And should decide to wander again
Will shine a light in their window
So that you will never be lost
In the darkness again


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