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It has been almost three months
Since you went away
To be a good soldier
And find your way.

As I sit and watch TV
The pain in my heart is so strong
I think about the day
That I have been waiting for, for so long.

The day that you will come home
And kiss me on my cheek
The day that you are back
So I won’t feel so weak.

The day that you hold my hand
And tell me how much you love me
The day that we just sit around
And I wait for you to hug me.

The day that I can see your dimples
And look at your beautiful smile
The day that I can be with you
And not have to wait for such a long while.

This is the day, you see
That will make the Army life worthwhile
This is the day for me
To great you with a warm smile.

I love you and miss you dearly.
Be safe and take care and I will see you soon.

Love Always,


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