Dear Santa

by | Sep 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I know that it’s still early
To send my Christmas list
But this year things are different
As I only have one wish

I wish that all the soldiers
Who are posted far from home
Will all be home for Christmas
Then they are not alone

If they have to stay there
Make sure they have some fun
Send lots of goodies and things to munch
Give presents to everyone

Please let them have the chance
To raise a glass and toast
All their loved ones back at home
To the ones they miss the most

Let them have a feast
Full of Christmas cheer
Ensure that they all have their fill
Washed down with ice cold beer

Santa I know they are soldiers
They have a job to do
But they deserve a Christmas
That’s sent with love from you

So Santa now you have my wish
I have been good all year
Please send our soldiers all our love
And lots of Christmas cheer


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