Death of a Hero

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

The pain is back
I can’t let it show
The morphine’s worn off
They won’t see me cry
I’ll die like a man
If it’s the last thing I do
Choppers on its way
Sarge says I’ll be ok
I know that’s a lie
Seen too many die
Just smile and pretend
It’s what we do at the end
A soldiers’ death
It’s what’s expected
I won’t disgrace the lads
Queen, country, Regiment
That’s what we’re taught
But that’s all bollocks
It’s about my mates
And I won’t let them down
They won’t feel ashamed
But it hurts so much
Try and be brave
Will she cry when she hears?
Does she care anymore?
Does she love someone else?
So many regrets
Thought we’d get back together
I wanted kids
Wanted a life with her
Too late now
Don’t want to die unloved
Wanted so much more
But now it’s all over
Gone in a flash
With both my legs
Mum will be heartbroken
I’ve let her down
Always knew this could happen
Never thought it’ll be me
I’ll be covered with a flag
A dead heroes’ return
Don’t feel like one now
I’m so afraid
Don’t want to die
Not like this
Not alone
Not out here
But Sarge says I’m ok
Maybe it’s true
Some lads make it
Must try and hold on
The pain has gone
Feel so tired
I’ll just rest my eyes
For a moment
What harm can it do?
Just for a moment……


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