Departing wish

by | Mar 1, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

A week was all they gave me
Now that is nearly gone
A whispy mist upon my sight
Where once my eyes had shone

My body lies here useless
My hands refuse to move
The drips are keeping me alive
I’ve nothing left to lose

I cannot tell the Doctors
It’s time for me to go
The pleading in my rolling eyes
With thoughts they just don’t know

Can’t they see I’m happy
I know my time has come
I want to sleep the final sleep
My life on Earth is done

My Wife’s the only person
Who knows the way I feel
But even she won’t let me go
So time with me she’ll steal

She knows the Cancer’s spreading
The pain that I go through
But still she clings to little hope
Her eyes say ‘ I love you ‘

She grips my thin and bony hand
I wish her not to cry
I urge my thoughts upon her
‘ My Darling..let me die ‘

I know that she has felt my wish
She kisses me goodbye
Then whispers with the Doctors
Who nod whilst standing by

They clear the room on some excuse
To ‘ Change my bed ‘ they say
Then increase my Morphine
To help me on my way

They bring my Wife back in the room
Together, all alone
She holds me as I pass away
At last I’m going home

I know it was so hard for you
To give that final kiss
But you have done the kindess thing
The pain I just won’t miss

But we will meet again my love
In time our paths will cross
When Spirit calls you home to me
So don’t grieve for your loss


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