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Like black velvet clouds that steal my day
the clock has stopped ticking
forever falling forever walking in thick muddy clay
these dark thoughts sticking

A day a night a week
forever drowning in despair
the strong become weak
and the world does no longer care

Sharks wait to feed as your world careers off the slope
nothing can make it right
all the things in a world can’t give you hope
your collar gets so tight

No time to run no time to hide
you got to be there to understand
wish I had your wings with which to glide
god if I was happy id understand

Defying death slashing wrists screaming
belonging only to your depth and dark
wish you’d wake and you’re only dreaming
oh no there’s another shark

All that you love can’t fill that hole
everything that you touch turns cold
cause life is an unfulfilled goal
always doing what were told

Till the pieces left can see no reason to try
till all you have is the sky at night with no stars or moon
till all you can do is cry
at your self embedded gloom


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