Deprived of Sleep

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Another busy day is left behind
As home from the Office I travel
Back to the comfort of my home
Where all my thoughts I can un-ravel
As I sit in the chair , switch on the T V
Is there anything of interest there
And if the answer is in the negative
For entertainment I’ll look elsewhere
So it’s now that I go to the bookcase
As up and down the shelves I look
Browsing through the volumes there
To perhaps find a suitable book
But after reading a little while
My concentration seems to be gone
So it’s now time to use the last option
And turn my computer on
I quickly check through my emails
Nothing of interest there
So I then go into a Chat room
And sit further back in my swivel chair
The room has a worldwide attraction
Lots of Nations represented there
With Members airing their views and worries
And sometimes laughter will fill the air
As I sit and smile with a glass of wine in my hand
For sometimes the repartee is quite smart
But words can be misinterpreted
And that’s where bad feelings can start
But it’s one of those nights
When enough I enough
So I logged out as I said my goodbyes
Then looked at the clock on the mantelshelf
And thought “Goodness me how quickly time flies”
So it’s time for a nightcap and off up to bed
To undress then under the Duvet I creep
I lay on my side with head on the pillow
And instead of drifting off to sleep
My mind is starting to recall events of the day
Did my computer misunderstand me
Were there Gremlins on the inside
Or did I repeatedly hit the wrong key
Did I really upset one of my colleagues
With those few words spoken in jest
Or was she imitating a grimace
As an actress it was what she did best
I’ve started to think of my holidays
And my eyes are closing as I lay there alone
Drifting off into a dream world
When rudely awoken by the sound of the phone
So I sat up and confusedly answered
What turned out to be a “wrong call”
Replaced the receiver turned over and lay down
Wondering if tonight I will ever sleep at all
Then pulled the Duvet right over my head
And laid there for what seemed like hours
Hoping to drift off into a beautiful sleep
Perhaps dream of others in their “Ivory Towers”
For once in deep sleep what rules your dreams
Is it thoughts of what you are or might have been
Maybe it’s the way your subconscious mind
Portrays you as a Princess or a Queen
Maybe you will dream of a flight high above in the sky
Perhaps laying on some Sun-kissed beach upon the sand
Or Gambling in the Casino with Lady Luck
Hoping she will deal you a winning hand
But long before you know the answer
From your slumbers you always quickly wake
And it’s then that you make yourself a promise
That tonight you won’t make the same mistake
So tonight when it comes to time to go to bed
Clear all of your worries from your mind
Then the bad dreams and nightmares will all disappear
Only sweet dreams and happiness will you find.


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