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When you sit alone in the Eventide
And review the day that has passed
Do you ever give thought to those less fortunate
For if you did you may sit there aghast

Just imagine spending your life alone
As well as in the depths of despair
For them there is no one to turn to for guidance
Not a solitary person to care

As they spend their days in what could be a Prison cell
But for Prisoners visitors are allowed
For these unfortunate people
They are alone even though in a crowd

It is hard to understand what goes through their mind
So if you asked them they probably couldn’t tell
Of the problems and worries that surround them
Even though they look healthy and well

Can you think what it’s like not to see another soul all day
With nobody to turn to for advice
Cocooned in a lifetime of solitude
Where outsiders live their lives so concise

So stop if you will and consider, long and hard
Can you think of some such person who needs some care
Maybe then with arms open wide you can embrace them
And guide them from their solitude and despair.


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