Devils Clutch

by | Mar 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Feels so right to do, but it’s an evil treat
I get so hungry, yet I cannot eat
My happiness fades, my world goes black
Even if i run forever, i cannot go back
The devil has me locked and will eat me whole
I’m lifeless and pathetic, i’ve sold my soul
I can’t get out, can’t escape
Since one hit is all it takes
I sketch out, crash, get uncontrollable shakes
Hallucinations and confusion, my heart breaks
Your sweet taste i’ll always crave
But i’ll fight this addiction to my grave
Random anger i can’t explain
Sadness, guilt, always in pain
Never depend on this for happiness
Ad the happiness you feel doesn’t really exist
It haunts me in my dreams
As i open my mouth, nothing but silent screams
Please help me just to take it away
As i do not want this pain to stay


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