Diabetic Dreams

by | Apr 12, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’m craving for an ice cream; I’m told that it’s pathetic.
I know I mustn’t have one because I am diabetic.
I’d love a piece of chocolate or any other sweeties,
But I am not allowed them because of my diabetes.
I really ache to have some cake, a bun or an éclair,
But I must snack on celery; it really isn’t fair.
And when it comes to afters, a crumble or a pie,
I just have cheese and biscuits; otherwise I’ll die.
I insulate with insulin to help control my sugar.
Each time I stick the needle in it really is a bugger.
But when I reach my eighties and I no longer care,
I’ll have a box of chocolates which I’ll refuse to share.
And then I’ll scoff a gateau, drink lemonade galore,
Have pounds of coffee ice cream and then I’ll have some more.
And after I have finished I won’t give myself a prick,
I’ll go up to the bathroom and I’ll sick and sick and sick!


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