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We’re either chasing rainbows or counting stars,
Catching snowflakes or just reaching for Mars.
Another cloudy day in the middle of May,
Hearts are broken again and again,
Promises are made and never kept.
All of the tears that we wept and wept!

Secrets lie forgotten like shells,
Buried in the sand of distant shores
A small boy picks up a cockle shell and holds it to his ear,
“Mummy mummy” he shouts to the retreating figure,
“It’s telling me a story!”
“Come on Johnny it’s time to go,” she calls
Her voice is blown away by the wind,
“The tide is coming in come on,”she shouts,
Johnny drops the shell and runs after his mother,
“You never listen!” he sobs,

All we once had has slipped away,
Like falling straws upon the ground.
We stare unseeingingly out of the window at the phantoms of the past!


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