“Discarded Toy”

by | May 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The deepest feeling ever felt in my life
The one that I vowed to my dearest wife
To love her forever, to protect and guide
She was the one I desired as my bride
The good and the bad times we would face as one
Enjoying life together; the laughs and fun
The joys of childbirth and the fear of ill health
Worry of money; the joy of earned new wealth
And yet the anguish of being betrayed
And the feeling of hurt when the truth is laid
Bitterness then foremost in all of my thoughts
Things that I had cherished were all for naught
Living now alone and without sign of joy
Thrown in the corner, like a discarded toy
In spite of all this, I still hope day to day
The Lord above will grant everything I pray
And so this I do know, in spite of the pain
I will share my deep love with someone again.


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