Do you realize

by | May 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Do you know how empty life would be;
should I never have you to love?
As desolate as a poets world,
if there were no bright stars above!

Do you realize the love I feel,
gazing into your eyes so true?
Do you know of the wonderful dreams,
that each night I do dream of you?

Do you know how my red heart doth pound,
at sight of your wonderful face?
That you are the one I wish to love,
in this, the entire living race.

Do you know that the touch of your hand,
send such shivers right down my spine?
Do you know that I thank God above,
for the day that he made you mine?

I know that my love is always yours,
until the dying of the sun,
And I shall always love and comfort,
when all our days on earth have run.

My sweet Angel on this troubled world,
I pledge my deepest vow to thee,
I always shall be all of these things,
but please make me a cup of tea!


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