Do you want Mint Sauce with that?”

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

I dream of days when Lamb was plentiful
Antipodean fare (beyond compare)
When joints of meat once proved presentable
Unlike said ‘cuts’ which left our plates so bare
Bananas too (irregular of size)
From o’er the seas, wouldst land upon our shores
Set sail with fabrics silk (in varied dyes)
To brighten up the day for Stevedores
Twas then we pledged allegiance to ‘EU’
By signing up for quotas ‘Fish and Farm’
With “Cod and Chips” now priced off “week’s menu”
No Beef, (as ‘CJD’ thru cows caused harm)
“A vote to leave” may take us back in time
Yet counting cost is worth it “just to dine”


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