Don’t Forget Today

by | Jan 7, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

For those who fell from our own guns
Who comrades scorned and others shunned
Who lost their lives whilst trying to cope
With things we never will I hope

There was no mercy no medical name
No cries of pity as they piled on shame
That those then leaders of our lads
Killed many boys, so wrong so bad

And after all these years of wrong
We say you’re pardoned, again belong
But if you were one of those lads
Would you feel happy or even glad?

The name is cleared at last it’s true
But way back then the shame was cruel
The muttering of the names they shot
Must have been awful, a social blot

If one of those could come back here
To this time now this very year
They’d step down here from heavens cloud
And say these words to all aloud

Our names are cleared I’m glad to say
But watch our lads who fight today
Don’t wrong them now for what they do
They face the terror unlike you

If their behaviour seems so wrong
If they do things which don’t belong
Then remember us we were the same
Don’t condemn them, don’t you blame

Only once you face such horror
Can you become judge or juror
Don’t condemn them from back at home
When our boys fight out there alone

Alone they are inside their head
They see their friends become the dead
We are not all the same inside
Not all can cope and that is life

Better still help them mend
Treat their wounds on them attend
Please accept that they like we
Were wounded by “humanity”


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