Don’t Label Me

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

You may say that I am overweight; you may even call me fat
You’d only be telling me the truth, but do you think I don’t know that?
I’m overweight; I am an extra large; and I know my girths increased
I could be plump or rotund; one of many names, but don’t call me obese.

It’s a nasty demeaning, horrid word; it’s a label that I don’t expect
Whatever the reason for my size, will you address me with respect?
Don’t treat me like I’m stupid; and please don’t take me for a fool
I don’t want to stand upon your scale; I don’t need this ridicule.

Doctors and nurses it is your fault, labelling us all, this awful name
Yet we are all individuals, there are not two of us who are the same
It’s a throwaway name, a hurtful word; it makes our situation grimmer
Before you use this phrase again take a good look in the mirror.

© Peter Maslak


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