“Don’t Leave Me This Way”

by | May 30, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

Within ‘The Keep’ I’ve now been kept (confused)
No charge of treason, nor of Regicide
Above my head a gibbet hangs (unused)
Such cost incurred, as here I now reside
Twas early morn before the Sun’s arise
As I didst formulate the day’s advance
Yon ramparts to be scaled, despite their size
Found way thru Postern-Gate, as if by chance
Midst vanguard’s horde I’d enter’d unopposed
Where poets (medieval) scribed rondeau
If Trebuchet doth launch, twud be exposed
Then heard Portcullis ‘drop’ from down below
“Goodnight to all” (shouts guide, as I here cow’r)
Tis oversight for sure at this late hour!


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