Don’t look back

by | Jan 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

As you go through life
There will always be times
When decisions need to be made
When choices are hard.
There are some situations when all you can do
Is simply let go and move on
Gather your courage, choose a new direction
Making a brand new life a fresh new start.
The process of change can be very tough
But concentrate on your new adventure ahead…
There will be new roads to take
Taking you places beyond your vivid female imagination
Who knows whats round that next bend
Making your wishes and dreams come true
In ways you cant yet comprehend…
Perhaps you will find new friends that spring from new things
Try new options in life even if you feel scared.
Perhaps you will go travel to fabulous faraway destinations
Or locations on your door step.
Perhaps you will find warmth and caring
From someone whose very special
Who won’t share there affections with anyone but you
Remaining to you forever true to your heart
Together in your new life finding fun
Together as one – sharing…
Perhaps you will finally discover the real ‘YOU’
Whilst everyone is supportive of what you do
Believing that whatever decisions you make
There the right ones just for you…

So putting one foot in front of the other
Taking your life day by day
At the end of your new road is a brighter tomorrow
So don’t look back because your not going that way


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