Don’t think because we don’t see you

by | Apr 7, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Don’t think because we don’t see you, it means that we don’t care
We have old pictures of you, of years gone by that we share
This world and what happens within it, effect what we do in our lives
Our Children, if they marry don’t always stay with their Husbands and Wives
We talk and wonder about you, what age and how tall you will be
What will you look like, short and blond or tall and mousey like me?
People talk of where you work, some time they mention your Mum
We keep our silence, no wish to upset as though we are now dumb
We know that if a time should come, where we can help in any small way
We will be there grand child that we love, and then well have our say
We all have to find a way to cope and survive in these troubled times
Some times we have a laugh and joke and sometime we write rhymes


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