Don’t Worry

by | Jun 17, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Baby don’t you worry
When you are far away
For I am going no where
My love for you won’t stray

Don’t listen to the gossip
Or get upset with all the lies
There is no need to worry
So baby, dry your eyes

They’re jealous, don’t you know that?
They don’t have true love like ours
So they make up vicious rumours
Like pathetic little cowards

I promise you my darling
My love for you is true
So baby don’t you worry
My heart is just for you

When you are far away at work
Or posted over sea
I’ll be right here waiting
For you to come home to me

You are the only one my love
That has the key to my heart
So don’t worry about us baby
For we will never part

Please keep our love locked in your heart
So your mind stays clear and strong
Then you can do what you must do
And nothing will go wrong

Now, go out there and do your job
Take pride in all you do
Baby please don’t worry
For I’m so in love with you


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