Dora and Nick

by | Jul 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Dora was a dancer
When they met in Central Park
Nicky was in I.T.
And they talked till it was dark

Dora studied ballet
In Iceland where it’s cold
She longed for the Big Apple
And the sights there to behold

Nicky’s new apartment
Was a place for them to meet
The welcome air conditioning
Helped relieve them from the heat

When Dora went home to Iceland
Nick would visit each weekend
Not counting up the journeys
And the money he would spend

Nicky said to Dora
That she may as well move in
Until she was more settled
But they duly told her kin

Before the summer faded
The pair of them soon knew
That this was not forever
And their time together flew

She could not say the future
Would be bright and full of joy
For Nick had told poor Dora
He was not a marrying boy

They still have fun together
Yes they meet in Central Park
Their conversation’s shorter
And they’re home before it’s dark

I wish that I could tell you
It was a happier ending
But sad to say the truth then
I really would be bending


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