Dream at Midnight

by | Feb 6, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

When you sit alone at night
Recalling events in your mind
It’s in the early hours of the morning
When it seems that Fate’s been unkind
There seems no one you can turn to
When advice and assurance you need
Although it’s been said many times before
A true friend is a friend in deed
There seems no light at the end of the tunnel
Where will your awesome journey end
And suddenly the answer may be before you
Were the words in front of you from a friend
It seemed that your plight had reached a listening ear
And the tears fell like rain as she cried of her plight
And read through the tears words of comfort
As they talked well into the night
In a virtual embrace via the Internet
As this stranger said hold my hand tight
And slowly the loneliness drifted away
From her body was lifted this shroud
And she could see the silver lining
Behind what was a threatening cloud
And slowly she walked to the bedroom
Where she gently on the pillow laid her head
And where the future seemed bleak before her
She now saw life’s sunshine instead
And I know that she’ll be ever thankful
As she knows that Happiness will again descend
Helped by the hands of a stranger
Her newly found Internet Friend


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