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I miss my dreams
Now my sleep is poor
They were my escape
From reality
Now reality has won
It keeps me awake
Shattering my dreams
My illusions of life
I miss my dreams

I make my bed in the morning
And tuck my dreams up tight
Promising them that I’ll return
Once more when it is night!

A dream
To reach
A dream
To achieve
Is there
Within your grasp
If you believe
You’ll reach
Your dream
Your dream
You will achieve

A sea of dreams
Awash with hope
Surfing the waves Of ones ambition

She dreams…………
And lost herself in his kisses
Came alive in his embrace
Shivered at his gentle touch
As in one fleeting moment
A thousand butterflies
Came alive, and
Fluttered through her body
And found nowhere to land
Within her sleeping form

A dream is an escape from the humdrum of life
From the nine to five, to rotational shifts
From shopping, ironing and washing the floor
A dream can give you a bit of a lift
Like a good cup of tea, or freshly brewed coffee
A slice of rich chocolate cake, all gooey!
So indulge yourself, at least once a day
And let your dreams take you away!


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