Drifting in dreams

by | Nov 9, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Do you recall the words we’d say
The times we’d fall in mutual adoration
If love is merely need
You must have dearly needed me
Now in my heart those words will stay
To shape my life with pained exasperation
I pledged my heart and soul
No sycophantic symphony

You said I was your kindred soul
In many ways we were so like each other
In others you were like a stranger
Worlds away from me
I feel I learned a lot from you
But so much more we could have taught each other
Your views of black and white
left rainbows that you’d fail to see

But if you opened up your heart
You’d find that people want to care about you
We found life could be sweet
When you first opened up to me
And if you had a change of heart
I’d run to fling my open arms around you
Baptized in tears of joy
From months of pain we’d be set free

I drift into the dream most days
That our scornful goodbyes won’t last forever
Though why I’d want you back
only in moments can I see
Drifting from nursing scars with rage
To wistful memories of us together
If love’s flipside is hate am I to spin eternally?

Come set me free…


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