Drifting off, into my World

by | Mar 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’m daydreaming again
Today I am George
Feeling the salt laden spray
Stinging my face
As I pull on the oars
In rhythm with the waves
I’m on my way to Kirrin Island
My island!
Julian, Dick and Anne
Have been kidnapped!
By the evil witch
Masquerading as,
‘Miss Jones’
And are being held prisoners,
In the deep dark caves,
Below Kirrin Island.
So, it’s Timmy, my big brown,
Shaggy dog and I,
To the rescue!
We will be heroes,
Tim and I!
Where have you gone now?
And what is, 2 x 2 + 8 – 5?’
‘Sorry Miss Jones, I was just…..
It’s 7 Miss’ I cried, grinning broadly,
Mustn’t let her know, that,
I am on to her dastardly plan!
‘Correct, but do try and stay,
With us, at least,
Until the bell’
‘Yes Miss’ I shouted, knowing
I would have the infamous but,
On my school report, again;

Her English is exceptional
Her Maths is coming on
Her needlework’s a disaster
In Art she tries very hard

BUT – if only she would concentrate
She could achieve much more
BUT – she is so very easily distracted
By the stories in her head!

Now thirty years and nine have passed,
And I am trying to write,
A poem, for a treasured anthology
BUT – I am daydreaming again
Today I am Enid Blyton,
And I’m ……….


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