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Why do you think you have the right
To destroy my life, my home
I cannot speak and cannot fight
Your forces on my own

I’ve lived my life upon this earth
Observed how it began
From the first, it’s fiery birth
Unto the rise of man

I’ve seen the forests and the plains
The deserts and the seas
I’ve walked along the country lanes
And felt the warm, soft breeze

I’ve sheltered from the pouring rain
And basked in sun’s bright rays
Wandered through fields of grain
And Autumn’s misty haze

Earth is my home, we are as one
In sweet harmony we dwell
But if my life, my home you shun
My death song you will knell

You’ll never see what I have seen
Nor hear what I have heard
You’ll never know what might have been
If you had listened to my words

But listen now, and take great heed
Don’t resign me to my fate
Take action now, for Earth, I plead
Before it is too late


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