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Watching sand trickle through the old eggtimer,
Childhood friends holding hands gaze into the sky together,
Sunny and blue, sunny and blue, we’re a part of nothing and part of it all!
Birdsong, butterflies, sunshine and rain are creating rainbows of reality,
A tiny ant is scurrying along the ground, swallows are swooping over the river,
A cacophony of sound is carried on the breeze, children’s voices echo and re-echo,
Laughter and excitement in the sheer joy of being alive, they are focussed on the moment,
Trying to uncover the mystery of life we stop for a glass of mirth with friends,
Times remembered and some forgotten, all are mixed up in a whirlpool of memories,
In and out, out and in, the ever-changing tide of time laps gently at the grim reaper’s feet!
Sure of nothing sure of it all, beautiful beautiful beautiful life!!


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