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Breezes Banter Bashfully
Winds Whip Wildly
Gales Groan Gloriously
Hurricanes Howl Hungrily
Tornados Twist Traumatically
Cyclones Circle Centrifugally
Showers Scantily Saturate
Drizzle Dampens Deceptively
Rain Rampages Rampantly
Rain Refreshingly Rejuvenates
Downpours Drench Deviously
Floods Frequently Flash
Hail Hurtles Haphazardly
Sleet Scornfully Soaks
Squalls Scatter Spasmodically
Thunder Tempestuously Trembles
Lightning Lustrously Lights
Storms Shatter Spectacularly
Mist Merely Muddles
Fog Frustrates Fearfully
Frost Fancifully Flickers
Ice Idly Illuminates
Snow Softly Settles
Blizzards Blind Blatantly
Sunlight Simmers Seductively
Sunshine Sensationally Sizzles


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