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It’s that feeling you get
When you bid them farewell
And you turn your head away
To hide your tears as they start to swell

It’s that feeling you get
When you’re home all alone
And they’re stuck in a sandpit
When they should be with their family at home

It’s that feeling you get
When they’ve been home on leave
Then they have to go back
It’s so hard to believe

It’s that feeling you get
Deep down inside
An emptiness that consumes you
Something you just cannot hide

It’s that feeling you get
You feel, so numb
The world seems so different
Everything look’s glum

It’s not just one that feels empty
The rest of their family feel it too
And they all rally round together
To see each other through

There’s only one thing that will cure it
The feelings we all get
And that’s when our loved ones are home safe and sound
But it hasn’t happened yet

We pray it will happen one day
Our soldiers will be home safe and sound
Back with their families and loved ones
Back here on their home ground

Alas for some the feeling won’t end
To them it will feel like a curse
Because their loved ones have been injured or killed
For them, the emptiness is much worse


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