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My time is up
It’s time to go
I often think OH NO!

A new beginning
In the tapestry of life
I really now must find a wife

The Mess farewell
Was a party from hell?
And no I did not ring the bell
I don’t want to say farewell

The QM waits at the stores
I really did dread opening those doors
I pass over my kit
Amazingly it still fits

The CO is done
I am sure you have had some fun
A valued member never to be forgotten
The battalion is proud of you
Now of you pop

I am carried to the gate
Aloft and up high
I almost want to cry
It’s so hard to say goodbye

But my time is done
And yes I did have some fun
And now it is time to look after No.1

So I bid you farewell
This hasn’t been hell
And I leave you with the greatest message of all


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