Engaging The Enemy

by | Jun 10, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

“Tally-ho, Tally-ho, said Red leader
As they plummeted out of the sun
“Carefully pick up your targets”
The battle had surely begun

“Keep your eyes peeled for bandits”
Red Leader once more intoned
“I will attack the formation”
And the wings on his ‘plane flapped and moaned

“Red Leader , Red Leader I see them”
“Bandits at six o’clock high”
Swarming like angry black hornets
They dived from the azure blue sky

“Engage the bandits and good luck”
Said Red Leader from down below
“Remember to keep by your wingman”
“Shoot wisely but please don’t be slow”

Whirling and diving and praying
The pilots continued their fight
Determined to beat the intruders
And finally put them to flight

When weary they came to their air-base
The de-brief did not take too long
Many a face was now missing
But they had to remain firm and strong

Today had been only one battle
Many more would soon enough come
Their numbers must surely diminish
Before they could say “War was now won”

Not all of the heros were pilots
Mechanics and armourers too
Helped keep the aeroplanes flying
For those that they now called “The Few”


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