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“Give it back you bastard” you’ve no right to take it away
I never signed for this you knob it was never mentioned on the day
All I was told was “a trade you can learn some travelling maybe some fun”
Who the hell came up with this idea who thought it was fun with a gun

I trained to be a soldier but you never said it was for real
When was it bloody mentioned emotions and terror I would feel
I don’t want to see the horrors that are scattered on the battlefield
And don’t say you ever told me my mates would fly home “box sealed”

What the hell gave you even a notion I wanted to die like this
So far away from my family so far away from the woman I miss
I know that the blood is mine and I see that it’s all on the ground
But you never told me I’d be lying for ages just waiting to be found

Give it back you bastard you’ve no right to take it away
I never signed to lose my life not ever and not on this day
I signed for all I could learn and travel and maybe some fun
Now here I lie I know I just died at the point of someone’s gun


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