Enough is enough

by | Aug 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Another brave soldier sadly fallen
The death toll now steadily rising
One life is too many, enough is enough
It’s time for some active deciding

Decisions need to be taken
These ‘wars’ have gone on too long
Lives of our soldiers being sacrificed
Something is definitely wrong

Religion and politics fuel all wars
These wars are just the same
Our soldiers are dying, this isn’t right
This world is going insane

Years ago when these wars began
Our soldiers set out on a mission
To stop the spread of an evil curse
But something’s obscured that vision

Rules of engagement are followed
Each soldier duly adheres
Heaven forbid if they step out of line
The media steps in and jeers

News of ‘innocent’ civilians
Being killed in crossfire attacks
Would these be the ‘innocent’ teenage boys?
With explosives strapped to their backs!

Enough is enough we say
No more of our soldiers must die
Get them out now and spare no excuses
If not then we question but why?


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