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A soldier stood at the pearly gates,
Looking left to right, for the lads, his mates.
When a kindly voice came from on high,
Youʼre safe now soldier, you want to know why ?

In the course of your day to day,
You secured life, in your own special way,
Helping those less fortunate than you,
To face the day, and helped get through.

The orphaned boy who just sat and cried,
Under fire, you sat, his tears you dried.
The enemy soldier with cuts so bad,
Gave the best medical care the British army had.

The family that lost the house they knew,
Because of their own, and the grenades they threw,
Carried the eldest from the rubble,
To a safer place, and out of trouble.

Helped those that wanted to hurt you bad,
Put them on transport, when they lost all they had.
Just to help, is the reason why,
Youʼre stood here now, at my side.

Worry not, because through those gates,
You will make a thousand mates.
Generations passed, you will meet,
No longer marching, on aching feet.

They welcome you, arms open wide,
As happened to them on the day they died.
Youʼre still the soldier, missed with love,
Each day they smile and look above.

Placed in history for ever more,
You donʼt need to knock our door.
You walk straight in with head held high,
The saddest part, to get here, you had to die.


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