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It started oh so slowly
Like a whisper or a sigh
Just a hint of perfume
As she hurriedly passed by

She didn’t even notice
How she made me stop and stare
She gave me the impression
That she didn’t have a care

Emboldened by her perfume
I followed down the lane
If she should turn and see me
She’d think I was insane

In front of me this vision
Walked with grace and ease
Her easy fluid movement
Was surely meant to please

I gathered up the courage
To catch her up and say
That I would be so happy
If she could only stay

But as I tried to catch her
She sprinted from my grasp
And fell into the arms of
Her boyfriends loving clasp

I smiled as I walked past them
They kissed so tenderly
I tried to hide my envy
How I wished that he was me


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