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Waitin’s frustratin, teeth are achin from gratin
but its gotten me thinkin about the alcohol I’ve been drinkin
And what its doing to my health
Found this book on a shelf
That said I’m gonna die before I’m 45
that’s got to be a lie, cause I’ve got to be alive
So now I’ve got to choose, between my family and the booze
Got to get rid of this noose, cause I’ve got too much to loose In my life there’s my wife and my kids on their bikes doing skids in the dirt
Tear a hole in their shirt, let me heal where its hurt
don’t you cry now, be strong, kiss it better ,pains gone
But what if my wife was alone, and picks up the phone
to hear I’m not coming home
Cause I couldn’t swallow my pride and went out in the dark
And drank till I died on a bench in the park
How would she do it, what would she say
How could she tell the kids that daddies away
Would she tell them the truth, that I was selfish and jack
Well that aint gonna happen, now there’s no turning back
Gonna step up to the plate and grab me a bat
Look alcohol in the face and give it a smack
Way out of the park, further than I can see
So I can be 0% and alcohol free
And if that’s what it takes to keep my family
Living together as a four not a three
Then I need to do it


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