by | Jan 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

What does it matter, the colour of his skin?
When all that’s important is, the person within
Why focus on whether, he’s white, brown or black?
We are all of God’s children; you can’t deny that

With so many cultures, having different beliefs
All living together, on the very same streets
Many are shunned, because we don’t understand
The traditions and customs, of different lands

Against the disabled, we discriminate too
Giving them little thought, and opportunities few
We look only for problems; we think that are there
Living our self-righteous lives, and causing despair

Are not we all equal? Are we not really the same?
Wanting to live our lives free, free from worry, and pain
But we judge by appearance, it’s a terrible mistake
Let’s put an end to distrust, and the hate it creates


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