Eternal Soldier

by | Dec 7, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I am the Eternal Soldier
Though my body breaks
My soul goes on
Through the jungles and the deserts
Across the mountains and the seas
Whither I am called I go

Steadfast, reliable
Though my mouth moans
And my body aches
I push on
Until the objective is done
The opposers disperse
Or I am called elsewhere

As one battle ends
Another begins
Always with myself
The battle is the greatest
While you break, I bend
When you fall, I walk on

Always expected to be courageous
Always expected to be brave
Always the first to charge
While others stand behind me
Like fearful children
Hoping I will kill the big bad wolf

I am the eternal soldier
Our heart beats as one
Though my body is many
Brothers are we in blood and bone
While around us separation
Takes hold of the individual

Hold my hand
And I will guide you through
For I am Michael, soldier of Angels
My heart is true
To the cause of my country
That others may not suffer
The horrors of the past

Walk with me if you dare
For mine is not a path lightly taken
Brave heart, brave feet
Brave voice, brave action
These are our creed
And our battle cry


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