Fading Star

by | Jul 27, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

How strange the twists and turns of time
When your star falls and others climb
How every road seems rough and hard
And every door is locked and barred

Where once the path was easy trod
You never once sought help from God
Invincible you onwards sped
A leader who was never led

You dared to bask in Glory’s light
With scarce a thought that soon you might
Be cast aside by fawning friends
Who used your gift for other ends

So time delivers turn and twist
That leave you in the swirling mist
Of memories in rose-tint hue
When life had been so good to you

With yearning heart you try once more
To lift your spirit from the floor
But deep inside you surely know
That ageing stars soon lose their glow


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