Fairytale time

by | May 8, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

A tired winter night sky, cried with teardrops today
The old blue moon refused to come out to play
Grey clouds were boisterous, just playing with the winds
Bright tinsels of angel dust were put into tins.

Vivid fork of greased lightning then lit up the sky
And poor old Gandy-Goose jumped into a pie
Summer sat back in a soft leather chair recline
Whilst near its right hand, stood a full glass of sunshine.

Lord Thor swung his hammer, and great thunder was heard
And a large fierce mountain bear changed into a bird
A mouse in its hidey-hole hid under some cheese
And a fierce tawny tiger, he started to sneeze.

Elephants started stomping large feet on the ground
And from deep in the jungle, came parrots shrill sound
Suddenly! A starburst peeps, from under the moon
Then with a great big smile, acts like a silly baboon.

Then came daddy blue moon: He was feeling left out!
He chased away the dark clouds, with one massive shout
Out came the angel dust; from right out of the tins
To chase away the cold and fierce blowing north winds.

Over the heavens, coloured rainbow curved down
One could hear little elves singing all over town
Elephants were now moaning a sweet happy tune.
Proverbial old cow jumped over the moon.

Soon the little bird changed, back into a bear
And the fierce Tiger came out, from under the chair
The east morning sun crept over sky to the West
And the warm summer day put on a smart new vest.

Tranquil peace and joy swept gently over the world
And the brown earthworm below, slowly uncurled
Birds in the treetops sang a melodious refrain
Summer day wed, dressed in soft gossamer rain.


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